Developing sales, marketing and customer care in multiple customer channels to be nowaday trending.

It supports business be more diverse in approaching customers, taking care of and understanding customers better and better, thereby helping for businesses to focus more on improving product quality.

The positive feedbacks and suggestions of customers also play a significant role as an extremely effective information in marketing and communication to potential customers.  However, the fact that there are so many channels of information makes it difficult to synthesize feedback from customers, as well as to collect it into a source of positive feedback to use, especially on the business website is a big challenge.

Verify Trusted is introduced to support that, which is a platform that allows building a customer feedback channel, and also synthesizes and collects feedback from other channels such as Google, Facebook, Trust Index, Yell, BBB, ..

Feedbacks from channels are easily aggregated and managed under the Verify Trusted platform. Business user can then easily reuse those feedbacks in the form of Widgets, along with many layouts such as Trusted Seals, Sliders, List, Grid, Float,.. then easily embed to the business website, bringing very effective information to potential customers afterwards.

Project Info

  • Category: Product DesignWeb Design
  • Client: Jet5tech ltd
  • Location: UK