Information technology is growing strongly along with the introduction of many design patterns in programming techniques. However, there are many people who do not know the Design Pattern.
What is that? How to use Design Pattern effectively? Where to learn Design Pattern?
The following article will help you answer those questions 👇

 1. What are Design Patterns?

Design Pattern is a general solution to solve common problems when designing software in OOP object-oriented programming.

Design Patterns are not specific to a particular programming language. It can be applied in most OOP programming languages such as: PHP, C#, Java, Python and many others.

2. Why should a developer learn and use the Design Pattern?

  • Speed up software development

Eliminating developer time wasted thinking of a solution to a problem, Design Pattern offers proven test and development models to help developers get a quick and efficient solution.

  • Limit potential error

Using a proven and proven solution should be less risky than testing a new solution yourself, right? So you won’t have to worry about potential errors anymore.

  • Support code reuse

Design patterns can be used millions of times without any problems. Developers are also easy to extend, upgrade and maintain to meet the constantly changing requirements of the project.

  • Make the code easier to read

The use of Design Pattern makes the code easier to read, developers working in groups also communicate more easily because there is a common voice.

3. Design Patterns study materials

  • Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software: The first book written about Design Patterns, although the presentation is quite rigid, but you absolutely should not be ignored.
  • Head First Design Patterns: The book is adapted from the first book to make it easier for readers to access. This is considered to be the easiest book to understand for beginners.
  • Design Patterns For Dummies: The book by Steven Holzner, compares design patterns and is also very suitable for newbies.
  • If you have had the opportunity to practice Design Patterns in practice, you can read some other books to improve your level such as: Refactoring to Patterns, Applying UML and patterns, Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture…

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