In the past few years, today’s technology has gone up at breakneck speed, creating great changes in people’s lives. Especially, through the Covid-19 Pandemic, technology has shown its strategic role, helping people and businesses to adapt quickly and make breakthroughs during the pandemic. Let’s explore the technologies predicted to have the most impact in 2022.

1. Web3.0 – The New Era of the Internet

Web3.0 – The 3rd generation of the Internet was first developed in 2006. They are built on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain technologies. The breakthrough of Web3 compared to previous generations of Web1 and Web2 is the decentralized way of storing data, instead of being centrally stored data through another intermediary platform (for example, Facebook, Google,…).

The idea of Web 3.0 is the developmentoff the “Semantic Web” with the ability to make sense of knowledge and data, helping people find and access information more efficiently. With blockchain technology (Blockchain), the 3rd generation of web opens up new trends in Token, Coin, Metaverse, etc. However, Web3 also faces great challenges when facing huge data volumes, inconsistent information or potential pitfalls from this technology.

Even so, Web3.0 is known for its unsurpassed vision and goal of creating a smarter and more open Internet.

2. IoT – Future technology trends

IoT – Internet of Things is a network of connections between objects and devices, allowing them to collect and share data with each other. This is considered one of the promising technology trends in the future with the ability to turn items into smarter, meeting human needs. With IoT, people can completely turn off the lights, lock the door, water, monitor the system … remotely and completely automatically because these devices have integrated sensors and functional software.

Future goals such as smart home model, smart city, smart health care system, automatic monitoring and monitoring system, smart agriculture, etc. are all examples of applications. of IoT in life. With the continuous advancement of AI, Machine learning, Internet, Cloud computing platform, IoT technology is expected to bring even greater things in the future. 

3. AI and Machine Learning

AI is an acronym for Artificial Intelligence, is a technology that simulates human thinking and learning processes for machines, especially computer systems. Unlike logic programming in programming languages, AI is much closer to human intelligence. Specifically, they can think, reason to make decisions, and have the ability to think, communicate and learn on their own.

The term AI is no longer strange to us, but the application from today’s technology still creates many surprises over the years. AI is applied in image recognition technologies, voice, navigation applications, personal assistants on smartphones, etc.

Machine learning is an area of Artificial Intelligence that allows computers to improve themselves based on sample data (Training data) or based on experience (what has been learned). Machine learning is often used in prediction problems (predicting house prices, car prices, …) and classification problems (handwriting recognition, object recognition, …).

AI, Machine Learning and the combination with new technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, etc. will also create new breakthroughs. They crept into every corner of life and serve the needs of people. In the following years, the world can witness the great advancement of robotics, smart home, self-driving cars, etc., which are applied from these technologies.

4. Cloud (Cloud Computing)

Cloud technology is becoming more and more popular and applied in many industries and fields. The term Cloud implies the Internet, which can be understood as the place where all the things you access remotely over the Internet, including your software and databases. These data exist on the Cloud, which means they are stored on virtual servers on the Internet and will not consume the hard drive memory of your computer or mobile devices.

Some popular Cloud services can be mentioned: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, etc. With benefits such as: saving investment costs in hardware, software…, the ability to access anytime anywhere, consistent in data storage, etc., cloud-based services are the choice of many businesses, creating a revolution in today’s Internet world.

Creative ideas and endless human possibilities in improving new technologies Web3, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, etc. will also bring many surprises to our lives. Hopefully through the article, you can learn more about the latest technology trends today as well as discover the trends of the future that are being noticed!

(Reference source: TopDev)

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