.NET is a modern framework that is widely used by many people. .NET programming is used to develop applications for computers, mobile phones, websites, games, … and other modern devices.

In this article we will learn more about what .NET is, its features, the types of applications that we can build in .NET language.

      1. What is .NET?

You may have heard about the .NET programming language, but .NET is not a programming language, but an open-source, free and cross-platform programming platform developed by Microsoft.

It is used to build apps for desktop, web, cloud, mobile apps, games, IoT and AI apps.

This is a unified platform with a three-part architecture:

  • Language)
  • Library (Library)
  • CLR (Common Language Runtime)

.NET will execute the program in the CLR, this software environment will manage memory, security, and exception handling.

.NET components include:

  • Frameworks of applications and libraries
  • .NET Standard (.NET Standard)
  • Runtime Component
  • Language compiler (Language compiler)
  • Programming languages ​​– C#, F#, and Visual Basic
  • Tools- Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Code, and Command Line Interface (CLI). These tools are used to build, test, and deploy .NET programming applications.

      2. The features of .NET programming

Currently we often build software for different devices and platforms such as:

Devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac.

There are also many other devices and platforms such as Internet of Things (IoT), cloud platforms, gaming devices, TVs, refrigerators and cars, etc.

Keeping up with that trend, the .NET language supports users to build software applications for almost all current devices and platforms.

You can use .NET to create applications for desktop, web, cloud, mobile, games, IoT and even AI.

The main features of .NET are also the advantages of this platform:

  • .NET is open source, you can find and download it for free on Github. Although the development direction of the .NET framework is led by experts at Microsoft, much of its development is decided by the community because the platform allows users to contribute.
  • .NET is a cross-platform framework. It supports all operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac OS.
  • .NET is a modern software development platform. It supports modern service development needs such as mobile, cloud, web and other native services.
  • .Support multiple languages like C#, F# and Visual Basic
  • Cloud platform and allows developers to build web applications, services, and cloud-based APIs.
  • Provides the best IDE software and tools such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
  • Fast, friendly and works well with many different languages and platforms

Thanks to the above features, it helps the program reduce many conflicts, ensuring security. .NET also helps users increase application building efficiency and reduce costs for designers.

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