Node.js is one of the most popular back-end scripting languages on the market today, having been downloaded over 25 million times in 2017 and being utilized and trusted by companies like Netflix, eBay, Paypal, and LinkedIn. It is a JavaScript runtime environment for executing server-side code that is optimized for scalability and performance when used with browser apps that have a large number of input/output operations. Because of its tremendous efficiency, it is also ideal for real-time applications such as chat programs and web games.

There are several instructions on how to get started with Node.js; here are a few of the finest to aid you on your path from Node.js novice to skilled coding master.

      1. The Node.js homepage.

The Node.js webpage contains all of the most recent versions for usage with different operating systems. It also includes an extensive range of manuals ranging from getting started through troubleshooting and module-specific guides. Anyone interested in working with Node.js should start here, as well as for news and information regarding issues and upgrades.


      2. Nodesource

The go-to consultation source for businesses who use Node.js in their operations. Their blog is an excellent source of frequent Node news, updates, articles, and tools for all Node.js users and developers.


      3. RisingStack

RisingStack offers training and courses, as well as expert commercial Node.js support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They provide a helpful beginners’ lesson on their website, as well as a series of articles on how to utilize Node.js with bigger installations — excellent to look back to after you’re up and running and scalability becomes a concern.


      4. Noteschool

Nodeschool is a global open source workshop organization that offers workshops all over the world as well as a full collection of online courses. Their courses are accessible in a variety of languages, and they have approximately 200 chapters worldwide.


     5. Java T Point

Java T Point is a website that provides information on many languages and systems. Their Node.js tutorial provides an excellent step-by-step approach to utilizing Node.js, with a plenty of knowledge on all areas of working with Node.js. There’s a wonderful section comparing Node.js to various languages and runtime environments available, as well as instructions on how to convert from one to the other.


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