One of the obstacles that today’s firms confront is that they are all dealing with major IT issues. Typically, IT professionals should seek to discover creative solutions that will aid in the simplification of their users’ procedures and corporate operations.

IT teams are also in charge of assuring the safety of all users and the security of the company’s assets.

According to a 2016 Protiviti research, about two-thirds of IT professionals confront information security problems. Protiviti interviewed over 1100 IT leaders, including CEOs, directors, and vice presidents, for this research.

This study also found that many businesses want their IT teams to assist them in increasing their company value. However, in order to reach this aim, corporate objectives must be aligned with risk-mitigation techniques.

Another IT issue that firms confront today is the rise of cybercrime, which necessitates increased security to secure their data and prevent potential assaults.

Companies must successfully define their IT requirements in this setting so that they may design solutions to assist them tackle these difficulties.

  1. Outdated IT infrastructure

It is no secret that the key to company success is innovation. The problem, though, is determining how IT experts can adopt new technologies.

IT departments face an even more challenging challenge. Because they are always focused on problem fixing and have little time to invent.

IT experts are frequently called upon to handle problems with limited resources while also assisting several business divisions. This necessitates a significant amount of effort and makes innovation extremely tough.

  1. Extending wait times

The more important technology grows in a firm, the greater the necessity to solve IT concerns rapidly. This might be an issue if a large number of requests are received at the same time and adequate communication methods are unavailable.

According to a TechValidate report, 43 percent of IT services utilize email to record requests and must manually categorise them.

The IT department cannot collect information to identify repeated problems unless it has an organized method for tracking IT issues. This results in longer response times and lower service quality.

  1. Repeated IT issues are not reported

This problem is similar to the prior one. In this situation, if IT departments are unable to keep track of their concerns, the company’s resources are squandered on resolving the same issue.

If information cannot be collected when an event happens, the IT department cannot develop action plans to overcome setbacks and minimize the frequency of requests. In these circumstances, it is better to address the issues at their source.

  1. The inventory of IT assets is out of current

IT difficulties are typically associated with a device allocated to a group of users, thus IT experts must gather data in order to identify the failure and implement an effective remedy.

For example, if a group of users reports a problem with the same asset, IT specialists must examine the service histories to determine the cause of the failure and continue to resolve it.

According to a TechValue survey, 33% of IT departments do not keep track of their assets, and when they do, it is through a spreadsheet or with obsolete systems, resulting in incorrect data.

  1. Inadequate automation of repeated tasks

IT personnel must routinely troubleshoot events that occur on a regular basis, wasting time and effort.

These issues can be resolved by users if they have access to the necessary information, or by an automated method. Without these technologies, the IT staff would be unable to reach its full potential, resulting in excessive costs.


If these challenges are interfering with your company’s operations, you may remedy them by using service desk software. This application will assist you in managing all of your requests via tickets. This will save you time and effort while responding to user requests.

You will be able to govern all IT assets, record your procedures, and develop plans to assist you avoid future failures using this platform.

Service desks also have an integrated knowledge base where users may resolve issues and manage requests.

Furthermore, it is simple to use and customize. It will also help you to boost employee productivity and automate IT operations.

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